Value Priority #4: Wisdom

In the Six Fix list of Value Priorities there is 1) health, 2) peace, 3) freedom. But the fourth Value Priority is a real deal-breaker if we would like to make America stronger.

Without it, there can be no chance of spiritual health, and this will cause us to un-align to “The Way Life works FOR GOOD”, the ORDER we live in. That lack of alignment, in traditional religious terms, will weaken our “Providential Shield”, the hallmark of a healthy spiritual nation. Alignment to “The Way Life Works FOR GOOD” (God, if you don’t mind the word), is the source of our Strength. Picture it as a river of Goodness, and we can either swim with the current or against it. 

In order to swim with the Goodness of Life, we need the  fourth Value Priority is WISDOM.

It is very sad right now that our country has become an “opinionocracy”. That is one of the negative aspects of representational democracy. We value individuals. Each individual has rights. Each individual expresses an opinion. Then government begins to average these opinions in the legislature.

If the opinion is idiotic, the government will average them, and sometimes creates an opinion that is more idiotic. However, if the opinion has wisdom, the government as a spiritually golden opportunity:  to average the wisdom, and make a governmental decision that has even more wisdom. 

Wisdom, sadly, is not something easy to find. We do not elect leaders for their wisdom. We elect leaders for their opinions, and mostly, their ability to convince us of their opinions, because they pander to our worries and concerns, and promise us some kind of safety.

To not choose leaders who have wisdom is very dangerous. To choose, for example, Supreme Court judges on the bases of party-affiliation or ideological affiliation alone, is very dangerous.

There are three components to wisdom. The first is balance. There can be many wise opinions, each of which slightly, or greatly, differs from each other. Each opinion may have some Truth to it. If one does not have balance, then, we can be pulled too much to one side on an argument, and miss the wisdom of the other side.

For example, in regard to our welfare system, while it is important to make sure people have some money to eat and to shelter themselves, especially during hard times, it is equally important to incentivize them to have faith in life, and take advantage of the entrepreneurial freedom of America. If we tip the wisdom too much in one direction we get imbalance.

As you can see, wisdom has another component: Truth. Truth!!!!  Can we do an honest, un-self-interested appraisal of all the dynamics in any question, to ascertain all the many components (often complicated), in any one issue? Can we look deeply at an issue? Not just see it as a cartoon?

For example, while it is true that a fetus is a living soul, and to wantonly take its life is questionable, it is ALSO true that a mother with a defective fetus, which is threatening her life, is ALSO a soul. These two soul-Truths need to be looked at, with balance, and with an eye for determining a MORE COMPLETE Truth!!  

In order to accomplish a balance-in-Truth, we need the third component of wisdom:  CARE.  One must care about the discussion. One must CARE about both aspects of the discussion, as in the example of abortion above. One must seriously try to CARE even about an opinion with which you might disagree.

Yes, you should even care about your enemy’s opinion!  This is basic spiritual truth, and this makes us stronger, and more united! (This is not a justification for evil.)

Only when you care enough to give credence to the VALUE of another person’s viewpoint, no matter how “out there” it can be— can each person’s opinion strengthen the other person’s opinion. This is how the adversarial system of debate in America’s system creates a thriving, vital and WISDOM-BASED government.

You can have all the opinions you want in America. But what we need is to learn HOW to harmonize them with Care, Truth, and Balance— WISDOM.

Wisdom is the answer to our spiritually-sick “opinionocracy” from which we are suffering. In everything you think, say and do, seek GOODNESS, with WISDOM!

Let me hear from you. I’d like to talk more about this.

Thanks for considering The Six Fix! 


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