Turning our Values Right-side up

What COVID has done has smacked us right in our spiritual butts!  It is a great wake-up call.  It did not happen in a vacuum. 

From a spiritual perspective, COVID has taught us that our economy is not based upon interest rates, high taxation or low taxation, government regulation or not. Our economy— a word that comes from the Greek for household— is based on health working people.

It is a great sadness and a betrayal of the spiritual dynamism of our country, that our values have been based upon industry and capital and so-called “manmade” things. These have been given priority. This is a lie. It takes for granted health and well-being, which is necessary for the critical human activity that goes into business, and without which business would cease. This is beyond politics. This is beyond red, blue or purple. It’s How God created the world, or said another way, “How Life works for GOOD”.

We have tended to put money and politics before health. That is as true for ourselves individually, as it is for ourselves on planet earth. This is not “tree hugger” philosophy. Our physical body IS a piece of the living planet, and the living planet expresses itself, individualizes itself, AS the human being (and other creatures, including plants too.)

When we do not value the spiritual priority of health, then, Life teaches us the ropes. Bad things happen. What old time religionists called “sin” and “punishment”.

When we run wholesale over our bodies, turn them into mere instruments of labor for profit, and we do the same with our extended body, which is all Life and Creation— then, there is a rebellion in Nature. We are “whacked”. We are taught a lesson to re-balance. No differently than for Noah! Excessive immoral behavior caused a rebellion of nature, and a flood came and wiped out the perpetrators. This is no difference than COVID.

Nature on earth strikes out at human beings, who have previously struck out at the earth. This is basic sowing and reaping. We get back what we put in. We are then, as is the consequence of all sinful behavior, are forced to re-think our way, and reinvent how we are acting, so the problem does not happen again.

After we have life itself, the most important value for reorganizing America, and for restoring our spiritual heath, is, in fact, Health. Health is the #1 Value Priority in the Six Fix.

Our values are wrongside-down, when we put other things than health first. Our values are rightside-up, when we put health first. 

Health is not healthcare!  Health requires us to be conscious of health. If we were all conscious of health, we would not need as much healthcare, and the economic threat of a lumbering healthcare system, would not be as threatening at all.

Value Priority #1:  Base our value systems upon health. Health for each and every human being. Health for our entire world.

Built all the gifts of human mind, including a vibrant, monetary-based economy, upon a strong BODY.

That’s how we begin to build Stronger America upon!  Health. As COVID taught us, without health we are weak. Learn the lesson!  Value Priority #1, is HEALTH, everything else second.

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