The War of Mind vs. Body

in my last blog I highlighted the necessity of building our decision-making processes— our thoughts, words, actions— on Life-Centered Priorities. These are priorities which put the physical well-being of our society, our bodies, our flesh, and by extension, our physical families— first and foremost.

The tendency, because of past history, is to not put the physical issue first, but to put the meta-physical issues, first, including that human invention called “money”. This is a spiritual mistake, and will sow and reap disasters in our lives if we continue to do so.

Indeed, when one puts the metaphysical issues first, to the exclusion and ignoring of the physical issues— that is when we have a war of mind vs. body. This can be felt personally. This can be felt interpersonally. This can take place in an economy that fails to properly consider resources and physical limitations of its workers, for example. This is an error.

However, an equal error, which results in great spiritual lack-of-health, is to value the body so much more importantly, than the mind, that human civilization does not expand, grow and conceptually-progress. Here we tend to elevate the body, and by extension the planet, in a way that de-values human industry and human advancement. We become imprisoned by nature

The extreme of valuing body over and to the exclusion of mind, or valuing mind over and to the exclusion of body, is a spiritual sickness that has enveloped us for close to 2000 years.

It is, without a doubt, the problem behind our issues regarding abortion, homosexuality, inter-gender, global warming, and other. All of these are the result of an imbalanced war between mind and body.

I am a capitalist, make no mistake about that. I am not a socialist. But, when capitalism is unbridled and does not consider the physical beings of its workers, or the resources of this singular earth, it is overstepping its spiritual bounds. Conversely, when social programs seek to remove incentivization, and artificially control rewards for superior labor and contribution through excessive taxes, then, socially-minded programs overstep these very same spiritual bounds.

The fact is, it is not a war between mind vs. body, capitalism vs. socialism. Both these aspects of a health economic system– and again, the word “economy” comes from the root word meaning “h9oousehold– are part of a Larger Living System, a spiritual system, which is founded in Natural Law.

By Natural Law, I’m not speaking of merely “Natural Law” as framed by the founding fathers, where they substituted Reason (often interpreted as Rationality) for the Biblical Revelation. I’m talking about a far more bio-centric Natural Law, which indeed, is the foundation of the Biblical Laws of Revelation.

The Six Fix is a very simple way of thinking these complex problems through in a way that is easy and accessible to everyone. Go to

You’ll learn how to make decisions that address BOTH mind and body, and yet with proper balance. This is the path to spiritual health and a stronger America.

Reach out to me. I’d like to talk to you more about this.

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