Summarizing Six Fix Value Priorities # 1-6

So far, we’ve outlined, loosely, the Value Priorities in the Six Fix. They are 1. health 2. peace 3. freedom 4. wisdom 5. full potential 6. prosperity

These are Life-Centered Values. Life-Centered. They are not mere opinions. They are not up for debate. I did not design them. You did not choose them. They are “Built into Life”; they are “How Life Works FOR GOOD” i.e. HOW you must think, say and do, in order to seek and find Good.

If you are a secular person, this is an experiential definition. If they work, you will find Good. If you find Good, you will be able to see that you operated in accordance with these 6 values, in their correct order.  Indeed, they are part of the ORDER to how Life works.

If you are a religious person, this is no less an experiential description. But, you may wish to describe “built into Life”, or “How Life Works FOR GOOD”, as “God’s Ways or Laws or Commandment. God’s “Commandment” or God’s “Order”. One language makes is a Personal God. The other makes it an Impersonal Reality. But, we’re talking the same spiritual principles.

It makes no difference how you describe it, either secularly or religiously, and that is especially important in our great nation, which, because of abuses in the past, chose to keep Church power and State power separate.

This does not mean there is no spiritual component to America. America IS spiritual, founded upon the Natural Law theology of the Enlightenment, with some qualifications. It does mean that this is not OWNABLE by religion, nor ownable by the State.  They are “design parameters” built into Reality as we witness it.

The Six Fix teaches a very simple path to SPIRITUAL HEALTHCARE. When you align yourself to the Value Priorities, in their correct order (and later the Relationship Priorities), you function in ALIGNMENT to how Life works, and this alignment produces the SPIRITUAL HEALTH that activates that experience that secular people call “synchronicity”, or “I’m in the flow”, and religious people call God’s “Providence” or “Grace”. Either way, there is a natural, flowing, spontaneous progression of GOOD or God’s presence, as witnessed by an enhanced experience of GOOD in one’s life, which expands centripetally, outward to the world. (We will talk about this centripetal expansion in the next blog, when we deal with Relationship Priorities.)

What distinguishes the values of The Six Fix from other values, is that we do not start with metaphysical propositions like “love your neighbor as oneself”. This is a very virtuous IDEAL, but, pragmatically, how does one do this? Should I love my next door neighbor’s kids more than my own? Should I love those in a foreign country equally to me? There is a practical problem of SCALE.

Instead of generating values from abstract IDEALS, The Six Fix turns the applecart over, and starts from the most basic of human life. After life is there, health comes first, peace comes second. Freedom comes third, because only by free exploration can you learn what you need to create Wisdom, which is fourth. And only with the four Value Priorities above, can you express your full potential, and generate prosperity for yourselves for other, in a way that is not enslavement to a mere economic machine.

Now, in truly enlightened cultures, which have been living in alignment to these Value Priorities for some time, Wisdom can go before Freedom, and indeed, one would never think of expressing Freedom without wondering about its Wisdom, i.e. consequences of actions. But for now, in our early stage of spiritual development in America, and in keeping with its culture-of-freedom, we’ve kept freedom before wisdom.

The lack of Life-Centered Priorities— Life, as in the health, and integrity of the human body, and by extension, all others, and all Life— is why America is having difficulties. We are not basing our values upon Life, something which is mysterious and comes from God or a Mystery beyond us.

Instead we are basing our values upon our desires, our wants, and our beliefs. This is what has degenerated into the “opinionocracy” that we are suffering from.

The Six Fix Life-Centered Value Priorities, and their implementation in your personal life, family life, community, nation and the world–  aligning yourself to How Life Works for Good, is the beginning of spiritual health and a Stronger America.

For those of you who are religious, and Bible-based (like me), “alignment” is the Latin word used to translate the Hebrew word for “covenant”. We are not talking pagan spirituality here. Just a footnote, in case you are wondering. This is healthy, good basic, spirituality common to all human beings!  

Practice The Six Fix Value Priorities in your Life, and WATCH HOW GOOD FLOWS INTO YOUR LIFE.

I mean that!  As you align yourselves to these values, these values align themselves to you. Your activities become, in a sense, “sacramental”, and energize the spiritual Life of all Americans, and indeed, all nations, and all Life in our world.

You can only start on this experiment, and see for yourself. The word “experiment” comes form the same root word as “experience”. Take the Six Fix Challenge! 

Thanks for blogging in!!! Let’s Six Fix America. 

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