Sowing & Reaping

Restoring Spiritual Health to America only takes place when you understanding the basic mechanics of spirituality in the first place.  It is a basic human insight, common to all the world’s most noble religions, that, as Jesus put it, “what you sow is what you reap.”

Your actions create results. Your affects create effects. Your thoughts, words, deeds create consequences. This is very critical. If we don’t understand this, America will get spiritually unhealthy and weak.

It means when we have a problem in the U.S., and in our personal lives, it does not mean we “have a problem”. It means we have the RESULT of a problem:  something was amiss in our thinking, our saying, our doing. We have an economic collapse? That’s not a problem. That’s the RESULT of the problem:  creating investments from defaulted mortgage loans. Such investments do not have much LIFE-VALUE at all!  They have so little life-value, that as soon as that is used up— meaning, it paid for a few Wall Street college and student loans, a new home and other perks, and gets a few people into a few homes— that the lack-of-Life just takes over. The investment, and the economy that was overly-based on it, just implodes!  This is the spiritual cause of the canonic collapse we had a while back.

When you sow and reap, spiritually, it is not just in a vacuum. It’s not simply a matter of getting your desire! It’s not just about free-enterprise. Sowing and reaping takes place within the Laws of Life, the Laws of Nature, the Order of Creation, the “design parameters” here on earth, choose your expression including “God’s Will”. When an investment is not harmonious with that Order— then, Life is undermined, and the investment causes a collapse. The collapse is not a problem, it is the RESULT of the problem.

Everything we do in America needs to be focused-up for the purpose of enhancing the GOODNESS to Life, in a way that is harmonious with the nature of Life. I call this LIFE-CENTERED PRIORITIES. The purpose of all our economic, and governmental, and military activities, is to enhance Life!

Another way to say that, if you’re religious, is to live in harmony with “the Living GOD”— and the word “God” comes from the word “Good”.

The Six Fix is a simple guideline I created to teach people how to sow and reap in a way that doesn’t create problems, because it is Life-Centered, and focused-up for the purpose of Life, which is Good.

Sow good. Reap good. Sow something with High Life Value. Reap something with High Life Value. Sow ignorance. Reap ignorance. Sow attacking words, and violent behavior, you reap it, and it can sadly topple a presidency. Yes, indeed, there is a spiritual order to Life. There is a spiritual order to America.

The way to make America stronger is not politics. It is healthy spirituality:  spiritual health.

Only when we learn to live in co-operation with the Laws of Goodness/God, in harmony with the natural law of Life— can we solve America’s problems. Why? Because that’s what causes the problems in the first place.

What are you sowing and reaping in your personal life? Don’t know? Look at your problems. They are the RESULT of your thinking, saying and doing, coming right back to you. It’s a WAKE UP CALL!

Religious people might call that “God’s Punishment” or “Chastisement”, for the purpose of correcting us. Whether you believe in God or not is not important. The Laws of creation are the same whether you believe or not. They are built into the way Life Works!  Learn them!  This book is the easier way than suffering.

Blessings, and thanks for blogging in. Mike Shevack


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