Six Fix Relationship Priority #1: Yourself!

When we apply Value Priorities in the Six Fix, we apply them through Relationship Priorities. 

The most important priority in any relationship is YOURSELF. Now this may seem conceited, self-absorbed, and counter all the usual morality that people proclaim.  People are always telling you to “put other people first”.

This is not the truth. You must take care of yourself first. That is the Number One Priority in Life-Centered Living!

When one is not taking care of yourself, one weakens oneself. And when you are weaker, you cannot possibly of the strength and where-with-all to help others. It is just like the analogy on the airplane:  you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, even before your children. Yes, it is counter-intuitive, but, it is How Life WORKS for Good.

In everything you think, say and do, seek GOOD for YOURSELF first, or you will fall into spiritual sickness.

America cannot be strong unless it encourages each and every individual to be a self-starter, direct one’s own life to achieve success. Otherwise, the government will have to be a top-down heavy-handed control mechanism, that will ultimately get in the way of freedom.

Business functions better when individuals put themselves first and are entrepreneurial.  Science and technology is more innovative, when individuals are driven by their own curiosity and lust for knowledge.

In our homes, there is often so much suffering and strife, because individuals aren’t truly themselves, and they are compromising their lives and their beliefs to be with others. Instead, they need to put themselves first, and be themselves, and take care of themselves. When children do not express Relationship Priority #1, they tax their parents, and the entire family!!! When parents do not express Relationship Priority #1, they exhaust themselves in a false-martyrdom, “doing it all for the children”.

Relationship Priority #1 creates a dynamic, strong, and powerful family, because each individual, taking care of him/herself, is empowered, and the family grows in this empowerment exponentially, and can then share the spiritual gift with the community, the nation and the world. 

Putting yourself first is not selfish!  It is SELFish, in the spiritual sense of owning the SOUL you are, and doing the best you can with the gift of your own life!

Relationship Priority is #1 because it IS #1.  

Look at your own life. Where are you not treating yourself kindly? Where are you not fulfilling your true nature and sense of self? 

Time to change!  Time to transform our lives with Life-Centered Values!!

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