Relationship priority #4: Future Generations

In Everything you think, say and do seek GOODNESS, for yourself, another, all others, and FUTURE GENERATIONS. 

This is Relationship Priority #4. It is critical. Without it, we run the risk in America of living with a chronic myopia, and short-sightedness, that impoverishes the next generation because of the excesses of the previous generation.

In the animal kingdom, in higher species, such a human beings, parents don’t eat their young!  It is very sad, that America has become so very spiritually sick that it is actually eating its young. On the simplest level, we are inflating the value of homes so much— and parents are absolutely delighted when they sell their family home, and make an enormous profit— and yet, at the same time, their children cannot afford to buy a home because the prices have gone out of whack. This is what took place in Europe ages ago, and America, although it had a fresh start, has repeated the same spiritual sickness. Native Americans often required every decision to be made to it would benefit at least 7 generations. The Bible notes that anything that is not done in accordance with God/Good, has a devastating effect for 3-4 generations.

Spiritual healthcare requires us to put on a pair of spiritual glasses, so we can see more clearly, and see farther than the reach of our own personal eyes.

Instead of making decisions expediently, just for the immediate personal benefits, of the limited benefits of one generation, we have to play the long-game!!!  Our children are our most precious resource (after air, water, food, without which we cannot live.)

Every single American, whether married, whether biological parents or not, has to think like a PARENT. With love, and care for future generations.

This is living LIFE-CENTERED.

And this is how we create spiritual healthcare in the U.S. This is how we make American STRONGER!!!!

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