Prosperity of All Kinds

In everything you think, say and do, seek PROSPERITY. 

We are now going to deal with The Six Fix Value Priority #6, PROSPERITY. 

If we are going to create spiritual health in America, which will produce TRUE Spiritual Strength, Prosperity had to come last— LAST.  This does not deny the critical importance of prosperity;’  it only puts it in perspective, after Value Priority #1, health;  #2, peace; #3 freedom;  #4 wisdom.;  #5 full potential. Many a life has been wrecked by putting the other value priorities after prosperity. Remember, in a spiritual reality like ours, “what you sow, is what you reap”. You will experience the sowing and reaping of your faulty values, to teach and correct you. You will experience also the reaping of your correct values, for your delight and reward.

Spiritually, we must always put the values that are “from God” over the values that are merely “material”, if you like traditional religious terminology. But, this can be very confusing. 

Prosperity includes the material earth, and every material thing on it, including the air we breathe, the water we drink (and bathe in), and the plants and animals, without which we could not survive— it’s not just about money.  But, money confuses us, because we’ve grown so dependent upon it, and the economic machine which helps keep it pumping.

Spiritual healthcare means LINKING our prosperity that has to do with Creation– our earth— with prosperity that has to do with human hands and our industries. We don’t have just “nature” on earth. We don’t just have “money” in the bank. We have nature on earth, beautiful, bountiful, and we have human beings sowing and reaping their enterprises, with bountiful supplies of monies to distribute to everyone.

Prosperity also includes education, which, BTW, is obviously necessary to fulfill Value Priority #5– one’s full potential. Prosperity also includes culture, the arts, sports, science, music and all the creative ventures that delight the hearts and culture the minds of human being.

Prosperity of ALL KINDS is what The SIX FIX teaches to achieve spiritual healthcare. Not just one kind of prosperity tilted exclusively to corporations and the accumulation of wealth. This kind of wealth is wonderful, magical— and money is truly one of the fastest tools for spiritual development (if used correctly.)

But, The Six Fix is even “greedier”. We want all kinds of prosperity. Whatever is GOOD, we WANT it— with the correct Value Priorities, so it enhances Life.

In everything you think, say, and do, seek PROSPERITY of ALL KINDS!!!!  In their right and correct priorities. These priorities are actually boundaries, built into the design of Creation. Ignore them, at your own peril!  You might wind up accumulating a lot of money, only to spend it in a hospital, because you put #6 before #1. 

Spiritual health is #1 before #6, actually 1,2,3,4,5 before 6. REMEMBER IT!!!!  Or, you will weaken our country, rather than make it stronger!!

Thanks for reading this. Please reach out!! 

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