Peace and Pacifism

The second most important VALUE PRIORITY in the Six Fix, after HEALTH, is PEACE.

Once again, Value Priorities dictate how to sow and reap in Life, and get GOOD results,. Health is the first Value Priority, first because obviously, if you don’t have that, you don’t have much of anything. COVID has demonstrated that all too effectively.

Peace is Value Priority #2, because, if you don’t have health you can’t have peace. But, if you don’t have peace, it will then affect health.

In America we are spiritually sick right now, because we do not value PEACE. We value many things before peace:  our pride, our economy, our political stance in the world, our historical purpose, as an enlightened democratic nation, the so-called “Leader of the Free world.”

But, it is absolutely critical that after Health, we value Peace, Value Priority #2. Without peace, we cannot have industry that is whole, and safe, and sustained. Without peace, there is a constant environment of tension, which our populace lives in— this has been HORRIBLE for the past three decades!!  Without peace, for those who are religious, you are not working for the prophetic ideal which is the biblical foundation and purpose of the entire covenant of God with Israel, whether “old” or “new”, no differently for Islam and other noble religions.

For many people, seeking PEACE in order to achieve spiritual health causes great difficulties and confusion. That is because we somehow think of the nature of PEACE as being opposed to the nature of being STRONG.

That KIND of peace, which is opposed to strength, is not REAL peace. It is spiritually incorrect, and unhealthy peace.  True peace, Real peace, is spiritually healthy and will also, absolutely produce a stronger nation!  That is one of the characteristics of real Peace; it produces strength for the person or people practicing it.

The reason we are confused about peace, is that we mistake seeking peace as seeking pacifism— not unlike some of the Vietnam protests of the 1960’s. Just excessively abandoning legitimate self-defense, just abandoning the use of threat to coerce evil to not spread— pacifism— is a dangerous, spiritual martyrdom. Dangerous martyrdom is one that takes place out of context to what promotes health and well-being.  One does not have peace by failing to protect, or by simply offering oneself up as a lamb on the altar.

We learned, the difficult way, after Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, that appeasing a wolf with a lamb, only makes his appetite worse!

True peace is not separate from correct, circumscribed war; they are inseparably one and the same, different aspects. Sadly, though, virtually all of our wars are spiritually incorrect and due to Value Priorities which are upside down, for example, putting Prosperity, Value Priority #6, before Value Priority #2, Peace, or, for that matter, Value Priority #1, health, which we’ve already spoken about.

From a spiritual perspective, when a conflict arises, whether it is in your home, or our nation, it is ALWAYS— 100% of the time— a sign that some spiritual boundary has been crossed, and this is a spiritual sign, that we are unaligned to the Design of this world.

Always, therefore, embrace conflict as a “red flag”– an indication that there is something spiritually incorrect from which we have to learn. This is what makes us stronger!!  Do not embrace it as a “white flag” which is a surrender to other nations or mere mortal powers, and which then violates Goodness and our Integrity as a Nation.

The Six Fix offers simple lessons in Spiritual Healthcare to make America— and everyone in it— stronger, by learning how to sow and reap correctly.  Thanks for your consideration!  I think it is important knowledge, if I do say so myself. 

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