I’m an ordained rabbi. I work with Christians, Jews, Muslims and many other groups around the world to help create peace and understanding. And, of course, I do my fair share of weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and counseling.

I also seem to have a knack for helping people, whether religious or not, to have an "experience of God", which improves their lives in profound yet practical ways.

"Rabbi Shevack is a visionary, with a global understanding for the complexity of international problems. Fearlessly creative, Shevack turns PR, advertising and marketing into a science serving peace and justice. He finds solutions that are already there, but, no one else sees them."

Nihad Awad, Executive Director, Council on American Islamic Relations

"Rabbi Shevack's smart and insightful wisdom about the issues facing contemporary marriage and life, and his willingness to always be there and go the extra mile for couples in need, has truly saved our marrige. His gentle wisdom and delightful humor has helped us overcome a lifetime of abuse and put us on the path to happiness."

Holly Bernitt, Bride

"I went to Hebrew School for 5 years, 2 or 3 days a week after school, up to my Bar Mitzvah. All I learned was some cool songs and how to read my Haftorah. My Hebrew name was Irachmel which basically means Bozo the Clown, as my Hebrew School principal would always remind me when he was not happy with my bad behavior– 'May God have pity on you!', he would say. Hebrew school to me was just a thing that would make me miss 'Dark Shadows' during the week.

When my first child was born my wife wanted to go to synagogue every Friday. Again, I was not a willing participant but I went. I learned some more cool songs and liked the Rabbi. Then my daughters went to Hebrew school and I had two $40,000 Bat Mitzvahs, total $80,000. But they got more out of Hebrew school than me.

This was the end of my religious life until I met Rabbi Mike 25 years later. I still don't go to synagogue but my belief in God has gotten much stronger. Mike explained and proved to me that God does exist. I had met Mike after my 2nd divorce and his guidance has help me and my business get to another level. My business of 27 years was going down fast. Rabbi Mike was a great support for me. He keep pushing me to figure out how to delay impending end, because he said a miracle could happen.

'Never give up until you find something better', he would say. And a miracle did happen! I found a partner who could help me financially and bring in more business. IT WAS A TRUE MIRACLE!!!! Mike kept saying it would happen and it did!

I believe in his theory that God has a path for all of us. It's not worth getting too stressed out when horrible things are happening because God always leads us to a better place after the pain.

Mike's theory of keeping money and sex in balance has changed my life. Many times I didn’t take his advice, but he never said, 'I told you so' when I messed up. Instead, I always learn something from my mistakes. I am ready for my next spiritual level and know Mike is the one to take me there.

You can't go wrong with Rabbi Mike. God Bless you all!”

Robert Pomann, CEO, Pomann Sound, New York City