I create positive images for people and companies, profit and non-profit.

An image should function as an advertising/marketing/PR campaign, a human resources campaign, a Wall Street or trade campaign, a capital-raising campaign, as well as make for great conversation at parties– or it’s not image.

One single, ownable, image that’s yours forever, or, you’re wasting your money!

"Michael Shevack is a creative, talented, and visionary marketer. He was instrumental in helping me find the perfect balance between projecting an interesting and friendly appeal and maintaining professional gravity for my nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament organization, Daisy Alliance. Michael is always upbeat and gives freely of his time to be a motivating coach. I just can’t say enough good things about him. "

Bruce A. Roth, Founder, Daisy Alliance

"Michael Shevack is one of the most imaginative writers who ever worked at BBDO. He is an award-winning copywriter of the highest order."

the late Phil Dusenberry, CEO BBDO Worldwide

"Michael is an expert with business and strategic planning. Coupled with his spiritual education and desire to make the world a better place, he focuses on taking the 'unseen qualities', the ones we take for granted, and repositions them as keystones to build success on. One term comes to mind when I think of Michael. 'Seeing the Unseen'. Michael sees opportunities when others see nothing."

Rob Miller, Consultant, The 3M Company; Award-winning Author and Photographer

"He’s my favorite sounding board. I throw meatballs at Mike, and filet mignon comes back."

John Lerch, Worldwide Creative Director, Combe Incorporated.