Michael Shevack's article in Success Magazine "Ethics at Work"

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Executives and CEO’s are people with people problems. Business problems are always people and psychological problems in disguise. Virtually all our problems are simply contradictions in our minds.

Contradictions in our minds are usually due to antiquated “operating systems” so-to-speak. I help you download the new version.

I help people learn how to align their professional and personal lives so they can do it all– with less expenditure of time, personal-energy and money (in that order). Bottom lines improve quickly, because I teach you how to work with Life not against it. New business improves too with this approach.

However, you have to not be afraid to face your fears or I can’t help you. You also have to be prepared to take a safe, calculated risk, in order to change the way you are currently operating.

"Michael Shevack offers a remarkable combination of spiritual guidance and understanding with the comfort and familiarity of a psychologist. He listens, talks and advises like a best friend, making you forget he is an ordained rabbi. But then he steps back and places your worldly concerns in a spiritual context, providing an entirely different dimension to what you had been thinking and feeling. He has helped me attain a new perspective which has given me greater clarity and conviction. This has enabled me to move forward more easily, quickly and decisively."

William L. Richter
Co-founder and Senior Managing Director
Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.

"When it comes to interpersonal relationships, Rabbi Michael Shevack is nothing short of genius. He not only takes both sides without making judgement calls, but also applies paradigm and structure to any dilemma which demonstrates to the client multiple implications of the conflict at hand.

Moreover, his approach translates into financial success: decreased waste and increased quality of life. Rabbi Shevack can see money, relationships, corporate structure, personnel, as a single, integrated structure, and show you how to navigate it all with a minimum of time and resources."

Helen Patton, granddaughter of General George S. Patton
Founder, Patton Stiftung, Saarbrucken Germany, Patton Foundation, Washington D.C. U.S.A.

"Because of Michael Shevack we had one of the best new business runs under my leadership. Shevack brings an entire toolbox with him while advising clients. From inspired creative ideas, to genuine empathy, he possesses a rare combination of skills that improve everything from topline thinking to bottom line results."

Michael McKenna, Former President and CEO, Marsteller Advertising
New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, London, Milan

"Mike Shevack is one of the most creative business thinkers I've encountered. He sees through apparent complexity offering simple and effective business advise that saves and makes money. Mike thinks about business and executive decision-making in a very holistic and integrated manner. His view is that the executive suite both leads and mirrors a company's stakeholders. He excels in understanding how one aspect of a business affects the others, and therefore how to prioritize, develop and execute a multidimensional action plan. I highly recommend Mike's counsel."

David Arcara, CEO Rubber Souls LLC

Michael Shevack's article in Success Magazine "Serving Two Masters"

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success magazine article by michael shevack