Living Right-side UP: Life-Centered Priorities

Spiritual Health requires that America, and each of us individually, lives life RIGHT-SIDE UP.  

It is an artifact of Western history— that we human beings projected a vision of God and World Civilization, through our imagination, into the world; this is what we are still doing. For Christians, this vision, born of faith, is Christ. However, we often forge the foundational lessons of the Old Testament. We often forget that we human beings are built-up first and foremost from the DUST. We are material. We are material living beings, not just amorphous “spirits”.

We have all too often believed that it is our institutions, our economic systems, our governments, that are the solution to our problems. We have honored the God of History, but not, the God of Creation. When you think about it, the entire 5000 years or so of human history has been about mastering the elements in nature, controlling them, bending them to our will so we could build up human civilization. This tendency went, largely unchallenged. 

But, after World War II, there was a change: we had taken our power as human beings to the point, where we pierced the veil on matter, and released the creational forces on the inside of the material. This, of course, was the nuclear bomb. After that, we human beings had to begin to master those forces. These are earthly-natural or terrestrial forces. This is why, these days, there seems to be a war going on. There are those, in our country, often identified RED, who are tending to focus on building up the economy and the machinery to human economics and capitalism, as we did in the past. This is Good. We need these.

There are those, in our country, often identified BLUE, who are identifying with naturalist issues:  ecology, transgender, indigenous rights, women— all of these were polarities labled “natural” in the first ascent of history, and often repressed to permit the rise of history, i.e. human-mind-driven over nature.

In this era, we must go beyond Red and Blue. We must learn to combine the human rational power OVER nature TOGETHER WITH, the human power  THROUGH nature. We must basically, learn to use both our mind and body together.

Living Right-Side up means building up our economic systems from the priority of LIFE FIRST and the enhancement of physical human life, FIRST.  This is the core VALUE PRIORITY in “everything we think do and say”, and important phrase in The Six Fix.

Life-Centered Priorities are those priorities that enhance Life first. They directly affect the physical Life of human beings, and “all Life and Creation”, which we will discuss later. Life Centered Priorities are critically important for business, because it is human life, and human energy, that is the foundation of our economic system.

In the past, living right-side up meant putting our powerful rational minds first, to dominate nature, and build homes, and marvelous technologies to help us master the elements. In the present, living ride-side up means applying these AS TOOLS, for the enhancement of HEALTH, PEACE, and FREEDOM of  physical human beings— so we can, as a species, and as individuals, gather WISDOM and express our FULL POTENTIAL. And yes, so we can apply all the above, to creating PROSPERITY.  

Health, Peace, Freedom, Wisdom, the expression of your Full Potential, and Prosperity, are what I call VALUE PRIORITIES in the Six Fix. they are one of the two kinds of Life-Centered Priorities. They are they path to Spiritual Health and a Stronger America!!! They are Job #1. Without these, in their correct order of priority— in all our thoughts, words, and actions— we will continue sow and reap a mess in our country. 

Thanks so much for continuing to be interested in this blog.

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