Including All Others: Relationship Priority #3

The third Relationship Priority in The Six Fix, especially in a democratic country like ours, is indispensable. First, we put ourselves first, which is the great gift of American spirituality. Then, we make sure it works for “an other”. Third, however —and we’ve become quite deficient in this— we make “all others” top of mind.

In everything we think, stay and do, seek GOOD for ALL OTHERS.

Now, this can be inconceivable to many. How can you seek GOOD for Black Americans and White Supremacists? How can you seek GOOD for binary people, and trans-gender people? How do you seek good for radical feminists and traditional religiously-based masculinist cultures?

Well, if you’ve been paying attention, your values are in the right place;  refer to The Six Fix Priority of Values. There is not a single human being in our country which does not require the same values— by Natural Design0— in order of priority, Health, Peace, Freedom, Wisdom, the expression of Full Potential, and Prosperity. 

In the Six Fix, we put our attention on making decisions that enhance these values for everyone. We might not “win”. Others might obstruct us. Evil actions can exist. But, each of us takes the responsibility to act in a way that is spiritually correct. Each of us takes the responsibility to exemplify spiritual healthcare.

Now, this may seem, to many, like a waste of time. How can one sow and reap Good in a sea of evil? But, the fact is, the “spiritual mechanics” of sowing and reaping are such that, as one continues to think, speak, and do GOOD, even on the subtle level of a thought, it builds up a force, and this force, over time, will create a CRITICAL MASS, and break through—- sending a stream of powerful, materially-active, LIGHT, a true spiritual force.

This is how GOODNESS is created in a democracy, by joining forces FOR Good. Sadly, this is also how EVIL is created in a democracy. Our actions have effects, and our effects breed, intensify and burst forth into manifestation in our everyday physical life. That’s why The Six Fix teaching is important. In everything you think, and say and do, seek good for ALL OTHERS, even those who are at odds with.

Traditional religions have described this as “doing unto others what you would have them do unto you”, or, in the more precise wording “that which is hateful to another, do not do to another”. There’s also “love thy enemy”— which doesn’t mean to allow them to destroy you;  it simply means to understand their humanity as your own, and love them as you might love yourself, simply for being a human being.

We are, right now, in a very polarized country. Republicans and Democrats are at each others throats. But, the fact is, if any one party wins to the exclusion of the other, the entire system of representational democracy collapses, and we become an oligarchy!!!!  If one wins, we all lose!

Always seek good with ALL OTHERS in mind!!! ALL OTHERS, without exception!  Is it difficult?  Yes. 

Is it worth it?  Yes. There can be no spiritual health if we don’t, and America’s strength will continue to diminish.

Blessings to everyone!!! 

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