How to make America Stronger and Saner

The reason America is conflicted, riotous, and what some people might call “insane”, is not due to politics. It is not due to the tone and manner of people who are passionate about their political position. It is due to the fact that the Spiritual Priorities in America are, really, upside down.  Take that in!  Our Priorities, spiritually, i.e. How the World Works by Design (if you believe in God) or by Nature (if you believe in Science) is not how we are operating our government and our social systems. We are therefore swimming upstream, against the current of All Existence, and getting sizable RESISTANCE. Religious people call this “sin”, which causes us to receive “God’s punishment”. What this fundamentally means is that we are not ALIGNED to God LAWS or Nature’s Design, and we are creating problems, which we sow and reap for ourselves. Basic stuff!  

This is, when you think about it, totally insane. It’s like putting your hand in a fire and expecting it not to get hot. The Laws of God/Nature are the PRIORITIES upon which our Reality is built, and within which we need to function. There is a Government bigger than our government. That is the foundation of sanity. It’s not opinion. It’s not parties. It’s not color-wars of Blue vs. Red, or anything in between, including some imaginary Purple. Learning Correct Spiritual Priorities, and operating according to them, will put America on a solid spiritual footing, and it will make us STRONGER because we will be operating from the standpoint of SPIRITUAL HEALTH:  according to the Laws of God/Nature.

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