From Value Priorities to Relationship Priorities

Spiritual Healthcare for a Stronger America!  That’s what the Six Fix is about.

We’ve spoken about the first most critical aspect of Spiritual Healthcare:  Six Fix Value Priorities. 

However, we must now deal with the second most critical aspect, and in some ways even more critical. 

The Value Priorities of health, peace, freedom, wisdom, full potential and prosperity— are lovely, perhaps idealistic— but, unless they are brought down-to-earth, through real human relationships, they will just float around in the sky.  

It is in our fouled relationships that the Values of a good, healthy, spiritual America fall apart. 

Let’s consider FREEDOM:

Obviously, for example, the freedom of an adult is not the same freedom as a child, let alone a fetus. There is a conflict over freedom because of different KINDS of relationships. This nuancing of freedom is behind a lot of our most difficult debates in the U.S., such as the abortion debate. Is the freedom of a grown woman, who is a citizen, more significant than the freedom of a fetus, not a citizen yet? What does one do, when the fetus is endangering the mother’s freedom? How does one treat the father who is also, bodily, involved in the impregnation? Is this merely a woman’s right?

The Six Fix Value Priority must work together with The Six Fix Relationship Priority.  

Sure, “everyone has a soul”. That’s a fine idea, after all, said differently, everyone has “RIGHTS endowed by the Creator.” However, in our world, in our nation, there are some relationships which MUST get a higher priority than others. Everyone has equal RIGHTS but not all relationships are equal. Do you understand this critical point? Not all equality is equal!! 

We’ll enumerate the six Relationship Priorities in The Six Fix in the next blog.

For now, I’d like to talk about the amazing innovation of human thought called “democracy”.

In the Old World, the individual was not considered the center of the Nation’s conscience, instead, it was the Absolute Monarch, or, it was the Church, which itself had its own Absolute Monarch. Or, sometimes, as in the case of England, the two fused— a pretty lethal situation, which required a Revolution to inject freedom back into an overly-top-heavy, heavy-handed “administration”.

But, the amazing spiritual ADVANCE of the United States of America is that the individual— the individual, like you, me, another– are given priority over government and over religion. We are the center-of-conscience of the nation, the populace, not some potentate.

The direct relationship of the individual to the Mystery of Life, or “The Creator”, or, The Source, or Reality, Existence, whatever your term for it— is the fundamental Relationship Priority in the U.S.

As my inspired student, Physical Coach and Somatics Trainer, Colin Kirts ( describes it, there is a certain “Tyranny of Freedom”. Either we learn some kind of “functional model” to how Freedom operates for the human being, or,  our very approach to freedom will be spiritually defective. We will dis-member ourselves, as a member of the common-body we share as One People.

Relationship Priorities in The Six Fix, above all, are designed as a simple pragmatic way to guide relationships and the implementation of Value Priorities so such a tyranny does not take root.

After all, it is TYRANNY we escaped from, when we broke the tie to King George III, and began the great experiment in American Freedom.

Remember:  in everything you think, say and do, SEEK GOOD, with the CORRECT Value Priorities.

Next week, we’ll discuss the CORRECT Value Priorities.

Spiritual Healthcare is how we’ll make a stronger America.

It begins with individuals— you, me, WE THE PEOPLE!!


blessings to all.



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