Freedom can be Slavery

In the Six Fix Priority of Values, after Health and Peace, Value Priority #3 is Freedom. 

It is only freedom— the ability to freely seek and find, experiment and learn— that can empower a spiritually-healthy America. Whenever, in the past, any civilization has tried to squelch freedom, it undermines individuality and eventually the “oyster bed” of all innovation and evolution (We’ll handle this serious word, later on.) 

However, let us look intelligently at “freedom”. America is spiritually unhealthy because we have over-generalized “freedom” out of context. If you look at the Constitution you will see a very loose reference to “common good”. Our freedom comes first. Government comes second. But, there is only a vague, undefined kind of “common good”.

Minimally, our freedoms must be executed in a way that permits the “common good”, or, government steps in.

However, this implies something very important and critical, from a spiritual (and REALITY BASED, not a fantasy) religion. There is no freedom that can be exercised without paying close attention to the way Life actually works!!!! The inalienable rights of 12 year old are not the same as 40 year old, let alone a fetus. There is a world here, and it has built in RULES!!!  

You cannot just take “freedom” or any principle, and exalt it as an absolute, because it doesn’t work. Freedom has context.

The issue is WHAT CONTEXT?  It is not that we are not free enough to explode the entire earth and incinerate it. We CAN do that. We have that ability. Ostensibly, GOD gave us this ability. But, HOW should we exercise our freedom? Or, is our freedom absolute? Without responsibility?

If we do not exercise our freedom CORRECTLY (from the Latin, co-regire, “govern together”, our freedom will become self-destructive enslavement. We will use our freedom to bolster the opinions of political parties, religions, or any self-serving group of people, and lose the very critical importance of freedom. We will become enslaved to opinion. Not a democracy. An opinionocracy.

Freedom must stay free, but, that does not mean, it is ABSOLUTE and has no relationship to other people, and the entire world we live in. This is the error of both parties, all religions, and human beings, in general. It is adolescent!

Be very careful exercising the spiritual gift of Freedom. It is the fastest route to spiritual unhealth, and the loss of power in the U.S.  Learning to exercise our freedom correctly— first, valuing health, secondly, valuing peace– is what The Six Fix teaches.  

If our freedom does not include health and peace, then, it is NOT FREE. Correct expression of freedom will make America spiritually healthy and stronger.  In everything you think, do and say, seek FREEDOM!!! (Correctly). I hope the Six Fix will help!!! I believe it can.


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