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The War of Mind vs. Body

The War of Mind vs. Body

in my last blog I highlighted the necessity of building our decision-making processes— our thoughts, words, actions— on Life-Centered Priorities. These are priorities which put the physical well-being of our society, our bodies, our flesh, and by extension, our physical families— first and foremost.

The tendency, because of past history, is to not put the physical issue first, but to put the meta-physical issues, first, including that human invention called “money”. This is a spiritual mistake, and will sow and reap disasters in our lives if we continue to do so.

Indeed, when one puts the metaphysical issues first, to the exclusion and ignoring of the physical issues— that is when we have a war of mind vs. body. This can be felt personally. This can be felt interpersonally. This can take place in an economy that fails to properly consider resources and physical limitations of its workers, for example. This is an error.

However, an equal error, which results in great spiritual lack-of-health, is to value the body so much more importantly, than the mind, that human civilization does not expand, grow and conceptually-progress. Here we tend to elevate the body, and by extension the planet, in a way that de-values human industry and human advancement. We become imprisoned by nature

The extreme of valuing body over and to the exclusion of mind, or valuing mind over and to the exclusion of body, is a spiritual sickness that has enveloped us for close to 2000 years.

It is, without a doubt, the problem behind our issues regarding abortion, homosexuality, inter-gender, global warming, and other. All of these are the result of an imbalanced war between mind and body.

I am a capitalist, make no mistake about that. I am not a socialist. But, when capitalism is unbridled and does not consider the physical beings of its workers, or the resources of this singular earth, it is overstepping its spiritual bounds. Conversely, when social programs seek to remove incentivization, and artificially control rewards for superior labor and contribution through excessive taxes, then, socially-minded programs overstep these very same spiritual bounds.

The fact is, it is not a war between mind vs. body, capitalism vs. socialism. Both these aspects of a health economic system– and again, the word “economy” comes from the root word meaning “h9oousehold– are part of a Larger Living System, a spiritual system, which is founded in Natural Law.

By Natural Law, I’m not speaking of merely “Natural Law” as framed by the founding fathers, where they substituted Reason (often interpreted as Rationality) for the Biblical Revelation. I’m talking about a far more bio-centric Natural Law, which indeed, is the foundation of the Biblical Laws of Revelation.

The Six Fix is a very simple way of thinking these complex problems through in a way that is easy and accessible to everyone. Go to

You’ll learn how to make decisions that address BOTH mind and body, and yet with proper balance. This is the path to spiritual health and a stronger America.

Reach out to me. I’d like to talk to you more about this.

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The Six Fix

Living Right-Side Up: Life-Centered Priorities

Living Right-side UP: Life-Centered Priorities

Spiritual Health requires that America, and each of us individually, lives life RIGHT-SIDE UP.  

It is an artifact of Western history— that we human beings projected a vision of God and World Civilization, through our imagination, into the world; this is what we are still doing. For Christians, this vision, born of faith, is Christ. However, we often forge the foundational lessons of the Old Testament. We often forget that we human beings are built-up first and foremost from the DUST. We are material. We are material living beings, not just amorphous “spirits”.

We have all too often believed that it is our institutions, our economic systems, our governments, that are the solution to our problems. We have honored the God of History, but not, the God of Creation. When you think about it, the entire 5000 years or so of human history has been about mastering the elements in nature, controlling them, bending them to our will so we could build up human civilization. This tendency went, largely unchallenged. 

But, after World War II, there was a change: we had taken our power as human beings to the point, where we pierced the veil on matter, and released the creational forces on the inside of the material. This, of course, was the nuclear bomb. After that, we human beings had to begin to master those forces. These are earthly-natural or terrestrial forces. This is why, these days, there seems to be a war going on. There are those, in our country, often identified RED, who are tending to focus on building up the economy and the machinery to human economics and capitalism, as we did in the past. This is Good. We need these.

There are those, in our country, often identified BLUE, who are identifying with naturalist issues:  ecology, transgender, indigenous rights, women— all of these were polarities labled “natural” in the first ascent of history, and often repressed to permit the rise of history, i.e. human-mind-driven over nature.

In this era, we must go beyond Red and Blue. We must learn to combine the human rational power OVER nature TOGETHER WITH, the human power  THROUGH nature. We must basically, learn to use both our mind and body together.

Living Right-Side up means building up our economic systems from the priority of LIFE FIRST and the enhancement of physical human life, FIRST.  This is the core VALUE PRIORITY in “everything we think do and say”, and important phrase in The Six Fix.

Life-Centered Priorities are those priorities that enhance Life first. They directly affect the physical Life of human beings, and “all Life and Creation”, which we will discuss later. Life Centered Priorities are critically important for business, because it is human life, and human energy, that is the foundation of our economic system.

In the past, living right-side up meant putting our powerful rational minds first, to dominate nature, and build homes, and marvelous technologies to help us master the elements. In the present, living ride-side up means applying these AS TOOLS, for the enhancement of HEALTH, PEACE, and FREEDOM of  physical human beings— so we can, as a species, and as individuals, gather WISDOM and express our FULL POTENTIAL. And yes, so we can apply all the above, to creating PROSPERITY.  

Health, Peace, Freedom, Wisdom, the expression of your Full Potential, and Prosperity, are what I call VALUE PRIORITIES in the Six Fix. they are one of the two kinds of Life-Centered Priorities. They are they path to Spiritual Health and a Stronger America!!! They are Job #1. Without these, in their correct order of priority— in all our thoughts, words, and actions— we will continue sow and reap a mess in our country. 

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The Six Fix

Sowing & Reaping

Sowing & Reaping

Restoring Spiritual Health to America only takes place when you understanding the basic mechanics of spirituality in the first place.  It is a basic human insight, common to all the world’s most noble religions, that, as Jesus put it, “what you sow is what you reap.”

Your actions create results. Your affects create effects. Your thoughts, words, deeds create consequences. This is very critical. If we don’t understand this, America will get spiritually unhealthy and weak.

It means when we have a problem in the U.S., and in our personal lives, it does not mean we “have a problem”. It means we have the RESULT of a problem:  something was amiss in our thinking, our saying, our doing. We have an economic collapse? That’s not a problem. That’s the RESULT of the problem:  creating investments from defaulted mortgage loans. Such investments do not have much LIFE-VALUE at all!  They have so little life-value, that as soon as that is used up— meaning, it paid for a few Wall Street college and student loans, a new home and other perks, and gets a few people into a few homes— that the lack-of-Life just takes over. The investment, and the economy that was overly-based on it, just implodes!  This is the spiritual cause of the canonic collapse we had a while back.

When you sow and reap, spiritually, it is not just in a vacuum. It’s not simply a matter of getting your desire! It’s not just about free-enterprise. Sowing and reaping takes place within the Laws of Life, the Laws of Nature, the Order of Creation, the “design parameters” here on earth, choose your expression including “God’s Will”. When an investment is not harmonious with that Order— then, Life is undermined, and the investment causes a collapse. The collapse is not a problem, it is the RESULT of the problem.

Everything we do in America needs to be focused-up for the purpose of enhancing the GOODNESS to Life, in a way that is harmonious with the nature of Life. I call this LIFE-CENTERED PRIORITIES. The purpose of all our economic, and governmental, and military activities, is to enhance Life!

Another way to say that, if you’re religious, is to live in harmony with “the Living GOD”— and the word “God” comes from the word “Good”.

The Six Fix is a simple guideline I created to teach people how to sow and reap in a way that doesn’t create problems, because it is Life-Centered, and focused-up for the purpose of Life, which is Good.

Sow good. Reap good. Sow something with High Life Value. Reap something with High Life Value. Sow ignorance. Reap ignorance. Sow attacking words, and violent behavior, you reap it, and it can sadly topple a presidency. Yes, indeed, there is a spiritual order to Life. There is a spiritual order to America.

The way to make America stronger is not politics. It is healthy spirituality:  spiritual health.

Only when we learn to live in co-operation with the Laws of Goodness/God, in harmony with the natural law of Life— can we solve America’s problems. Why? Because that’s what causes the problems in the first place.

What are you sowing and reaping in your personal life? Don’t know? Look at your problems. They are the RESULT of your thinking, saying and doing, coming right back to you. It’s a WAKE UP CALL!

Religious people might call that “God’s Punishment” or “Chastisement”, for the purpose of correcting us. Whether you believe in God or not is not important. The Laws of creation are the same whether you believe or not. They are built into the way Life Works!  Learn them!  This book is the easier way than suffering.

Blessings, and thanks for blogging in. Mike Shevack


The Six Fix

Turning our Values Right-side up

Turning our Values Right-side up

What COVID has done has smacked us right in our spiritual butts!  It is a great wake-up call.  It did not happen in a vacuum. 

From a spiritual perspective, COVID has taught us that our economy is not based upon interest rates, high taxation or low taxation, government regulation or not. Our economy— a word that comes from the Greek for household— is based on health working people.

It is a great sadness and a betrayal of the spiritual dynamism of our country, that our values have been based upon industry and capital and so-called “manmade” things. These have been given priority. This is a lie. It takes for granted health and well-being, which is necessary for the critical human activity that goes into business, and without which business would cease. This is beyond politics. This is beyond red, blue or purple. It’s How God created the world, or said another way, “How Life works for GOOD”.

We have tended to put money and politics before health. That is as true for ourselves individually, as it is for ourselves on planet earth. This is not “tree hugger” philosophy. Our physical body IS a piece of the living planet, and the living planet expresses itself, individualizes itself, AS the human being (and other creatures, including plants too.)

When we do not value the spiritual priority of health, then, Life teaches us the ropes. Bad things happen. What old time religionists called “sin” and “punishment”.

When we run wholesale over our bodies, turn them into mere instruments of labor for profit, and we do the same with our extended body, which is all Life and Creation— then, there is a rebellion in Nature. We are “whacked”. We are taught a lesson to re-balance. No differently than for Noah! Excessive immoral behavior caused a rebellion of nature, and a flood came and wiped out the perpetrators. This is no difference than COVID.

Nature on earth strikes out at human beings, who have previously struck out at the earth. This is basic sowing and reaping. We get back what we put in. We are then, as is the consequence of all sinful behavior, are forced to re-think our way, and reinvent how we are acting, so the problem does not happen again.

After we have life itself, the most important value for reorganizing America, and for restoring our spiritual heath, is, in fact, Health. Health is the #1 Value Priority in the Six Fix.

Our values are wrongside-down, when we put other things than health first. Our values are rightside-up, when we put health first. 

Health is not healthcare!  Health requires us to be conscious of health. If we were all conscious of health, we would not need as much healthcare, and the economic threat of a lumbering healthcare system, would not be as threatening at all.

Value Priority #1:  Base our value systems upon health. Health for each and every human being. Health for our entire world.

Built all the gifts of human mind, including a vibrant, monetary-based economy, upon a strong BODY.

That’s how we begin to build Stronger America upon!  Health. As COVID taught us, without health we are weak. Learn the lesson!  Value Priority #1, is HEALTH, everything else second.

The Six Fix

How to make America Stronger and Saner

How to make America Stronger and Saner

The reason America is conflicted, riotous, and what some people might call “insane”, is not due to politics. It is not due to the tone and manner of people who are passionate about their political position. It is due to the fact that the Spiritual Priorities in America are, really, upside down.  Take that in!  Our Priorities, spiritually, i.e. How the World Works by Design (if you believe in God) or by Nature (if you believe in Science) is not how we are operating our government and our social systems. We are therefore swimming upstream, against the current of All Existence, and getting sizable RESISTANCE. Religious people call this “sin”, which causes us to receive “God’s punishment”. What this fundamentally means is that we are not ALIGNED to God LAWS or Nature’s Design, and we are creating problems, which we sow and reap for ourselves. Basic stuff!  

This is, when you think about it, totally insane. It’s like putting your hand in a fire and expecting it not to get hot. The Laws of God/Nature are the PRIORITIES upon which our Reality is built, and within which we need to function. There is a Government bigger than our government. That is the foundation of sanity. It’s not opinion. It’s not parties. It’s not color-wars of Blue vs. Red, or anything in between, including some imaginary Purple. Learning Correct Spiritual Priorities, and operating according to them, will put America on a solid spiritual footing, and it will make us STRONGER because we will be operating from the standpoint of SPIRITUAL HEALTH:  according to the Laws of God/Nature.