The Fullest Potential

The Fullest Potential America cannot be stronger if we do not express our fullest potential, in everything we think, say and do. Our fullest potential!!  This is Value Priority #5

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Value Priority #4: Wisdom

Value Priority #4: Wisdom In the Six Fix list of Value Priorities there is 1) health, 2) peace, 3) freedom. But the fourth Value Priority is a real deal-breaker if

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Freedom can be Slavery

Freedom can be Slavery In the Six Fix Priority of Values, after Health and Peace, Value Priority #3 is Freedom.  It is only freedom— the ability to freely seek and

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Peace vs. Pacifism

Peace vs. Pacifism The second most important VALUE PRIORITY in the Six Fix, after HEALTH, is PEACE. Once again, Value Priorities dictate how to sow and reap in Life, and

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The War of Mind vs. Body

The War of Mind vs. Body in my last blog I highlighted the necessity of building our decision-making processes— our thoughts, words, actions— on Life-Centered Priorities. These are priorities which

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