Beyond You. Relationship Priority #2

In everything you think, say and do, seek GOOD– by remembering Relationship Priority #2.  Relationship Priority #1 puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life. It makes the sacred responsibility to do good for oneself, first.

However, if we only did this, we could not build a community. We could not have a family. We could not have an economy. Our nation would not be a nation.

After one is strong, and taking care of oneself, one must always consider the effect of one’s actions on another human being. This is commonly called “win win” in any business relationship.

It is spiritually sick to only think about oneself. Because the fact is, there is no such thing as actual independence. There is no person in the entire world who is totally independent of anyone; everyone requires people to help; even the wealthiest person in the world did not create that without help. We actually only are independent in-dependence. Everyone has a natural dependency upon everyone else.

To not recognize the dependency we have upon other people weakens us spiritually and weakens our nation. It gives us a false sense of self, and a false ego.

There is a tendency in America to think that one is all in it alone, and that it is totally up to you. This isn’t true!  Certainly the initiative has to be yours: that’s the free enterprise system, and what goes along with freedom. But, it is NEVER totally up to you.

When you think about anything, speak about anything, and do anything, putting yourself first, which is Relationship Priority #1, must always be balanced by Relationship Priority #2. You accomplish what is good for yourself, at the same time— (it is not a trade-off)— as you accomplish something good for another.

Amplify this simple human success-formula for family relationships, community relationships, international diplomacy— and one remakes not only the landscape of our own country, but, expands it into the world, and remakes our entire world.

Some may say this is pie-in-the-sky, “do gooding”. Yes! It is do-gooding. But, it is not pie-in-the-sky. It is infinitely practical.It s practical common sense, and anyone who has ever dealt successfully in this world knows this spiritual priority.

Life requires us to support ourselves. Life also requires us to support others who also support themselves.

This is how Life works FOR GOOD. This is how we create a better Life for everyone, and how America can regain its spiritual strength and its POSITIVE influence.

Beyond You!  In everything you think, say, and do, seek good for an other!  Not just “another”, someone you work with and discard. An Other!!!  Someone who is “another YOU”!

These are critical spiritual lessons if we wish to celebrate our freedom, and live it authentically!

A perfect blog for July fourth.

 Celebrate your freedom this weekend. Celebrate the freedom of an other, too! They are inseparable. 

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