Relationship Priority #4: Future Generations

Relationship priority #4: Future Generations

In Everything you think, say and do seek GOODNESS, for yourself, another, all others, and FUTURE GENERATIONS. 

This is Relationship Priority #4. It is critical. Without it, we run the risk in America of living with a chronic myopia, and short-sightedness, that impoverishes the next generation because of the excesses of the previous generation.

In the animal kingdom, in higher species, such a human beings, parents don’t eat their young!  It is very sad, that America has become so very spiritually sick that it is actually eating its young. On the simplest level, we are inflating the value of homes so much— and parents are absolutely delighted when they sell their family home, and make an enormous profit— and yet, at the same time, their children cannot afford to buy a home because the prices have gone out of whack. This is what took place in Europe ages ago, and America, although it had a fresh start, has repeated the same spiritual sickness. Native Americans often required every decision to be made to it would benefit at least 7 generations. The Bible notes that anything that is not done in accordance with God/Good, has a devastating effect for 3-4 generations.

Spiritual healthcare requires us to put on a pair of spiritual glasses, so we can see more clearly, and see farther than the reach of our own personal eyes.

Instead of making decisions expediently, just for the immediate personal benefits, of the limited benefits of one generation, we have to play the long-game!!!  Our children are our most precious resource (after air, water, food, without which we cannot live.)

Every single American, whether married, whether biological parents or not, has to think like a PARENT. With love, and care for future generations.

This is living LIFE-CENTERED.

And this is how we create spiritual healthcare in the U.S. This is how we make American STRONGER!!!!


Including All Others: Relationship Priority #3

Including All Others: Relationship Priority #3

The third Relationship Priority in The Six Fix, especially in a democratic country like ours, is indispensable. First, we put ourselves first, which is the great gift of American spirituality. Then, we make sure it works for “an other”. Third, however —and we’ve become quite deficient in this— we make “all others” top of mind.

In everything we think, stay and do, seek GOOD for ALL OTHERS.

Now, this can be inconceivable to many. How can you seek GOOD for Black Americans and White Supremacists? How can you seek GOOD for binary people, and trans-gender people? How do you seek good for radical feminists and traditional religiously-based masculinist cultures?

Well, if you’ve been paying attention, your values are in the right place;  refer to The Six Fix Priority of Values. There is not a single human being in our country which does not require the same values— by Natural Design0— in order of priority, Health, Peace, Freedom, Wisdom, the expression of Full Potential, and Prosperity. 

In the Six Fix, we put our attention on making decisions that enhance these values for everyone. We might not “win”. Others might obstruct us. Evil actions can exist. But, each of us takes the responsibility to act in a way that is spiritually correct. Each of us takes the responsibility to exemplify spiritual healthcare.

Now, this may seem, to many, like a waste of time. How can one sow and reap Good in a sea of evil? But, the fact is, the “spiritual mechanics” of sowing and reaping are such that, as one continues to think, speak, and do GOOD, even on the subtle level of a thought, it builds up a force, and this force, over time, will create a CRITICAL MASS, and break through—- sending a stream of powerful, materially-active, LIGHT, a true spiritual force.

This is how GOODNESS is created in a democracy, by joining forces FOR Good. Sadly, this is also how EVIL is created in a democracy. Our actions have effects, and our effects breed, intensify and burst forth into manifestation in our everyday physical life. That’s why The Six Fix teaching is important. In everything you think, and say and do, seek good for ALL OTHERS, even those who are at odds with.

Traditional religions have described this as “doing unto others what you would have them do unto you”, or, in the more precise wording “that which is hateful to another, do not do to another”. There’s also “love thy enemy”— which doesn’t mean to allow them to destroy you;  it simply means to understand their humanity as your own, and love them as you might love yourself, simply for being a human being.

We are, right now, in a very polarized country. Republicans and Democrats are at each others throats. But, the fact is, if any one party wins to the exclusion of the other, the entire system of representational democracy collapses, and we become an oligarchy!!!!  If one wins, we all lose!

Always seek good with ALL OTHERS in mind!!! ALL OTHERS, without exception!  Is it difficult?  Yes. 

Is it worth it?  Yes. There can be no spiritual health if we don’t, and America’s strength will continue to diminish.

Blessings to everyone!!! 


Beyond You: Relationship Priority #2

Beyond You. Relationship Priority #2

In everything you think, say and do, seek GOOD– by remembering Relationship Priority #2.  Relationship Priority #1 puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life. It makes the sacred responsibility to do good for oneself, first.

However, if we only did this, we could not build a community. We could not have a family. We could not have an economy. Our nation would not be a nation.

After one is strong, and taking care of oneself, one must always consider the effect of one’s actions on another human being. This is commonly called “win win” in any business relationship.

It is spiritually sick to only think about oneself. Because the fact is, there is no such thing as actual independence. There is no person in the entire world who is totally independent of anyone; everyone requires people to help; even the wealthiest person in the world did not create that without help. We actually only are independent in-dependence. Everyone has a natural dependency upon everyone else.

To not recognize the dependency we have upon other people weakens us spiritually and weakens our nation. It gives us a false sense of self, and a false ego.

There is a tendency in America to think that one is all in it alone, and that it is totally up to you. This isn’t true!  Certainly the initiative has to be yours: that’s the free enterprise system, and what goes along with freedom. But, it is NEVER totally up to you.

When you think about anything, speak about anything, and do anything, putting yourself first, which is Relationship Priority #1, must always be balanced by Relationship Priority #2. You accomplish what is good for yourself, at the same time— (it is not a trade-off)— as you accomplish something good for another.

Amplify this simple human success-formula for family relationships, community relationships, international diplomacy— and one remakes not only the landscape of our own country, but, expands it into the world, and remakes our entire world.

Some may say this is pie-in-the-sky, “do gooding”. Yes! It is do-gooding. But, it is not pie-in-the-sky. It is infinitely practical.It s practical common sense, and anyone who has ever dealt successfully in this world knows this spiritual priority.

Life requires us to support ourselves. Life also requires us to support others who also support themselves.

This is how Life works FOR GOOD. This is how we create a better Life for everyone, and how America can regain its spiritual strength and its POSITIVE influence.

Beyond You!  In everything you think, say, and do, seek good for an other!  Not just “another”, someone you work with and discard. An Other!!!  Someone who is “another YOU”!

These are critical spiritual lessons if we wish to celebrate our freedom, and live it authentically!

A perfect blog for July fourth.

 Celebrate your freedom this weekend. Celebrate the freedom of an other, too! They are inseparable. 


Six Fix Relationship Priority #1: YOURSELF!

Six Fix Relationship Priority #1: Yourself!

When we apply Value Priorities in the Six Fix, we apply them through Relationship Priorities. 

The most important priority in any relationship is YOURSELF. Now this may seem conceited, self-absorbed, and counter all the usual morality that people proclaim.  People are always telling you to “put other people first”.

This is not the truth. You must take care of yourself first. That is the Number One Priority in Life-Centered Living!

When one is not taking care of yourself, one weakens oneself. And when you are weaker, you cannot possibly of the strength and where-with-all to help others. It is just like the analogy on the airplane:  you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, even before your children. Yes, it is counter-intuitive, but, it is How Life WORKS for Good.

In everything you think, say and do, seek GOOD for YOURSELF first, or you will fall into spiritual sickness.

America cannot be strong unless it encourages each and every individual to be a self-starter, direct one’s own life to achieve success. Otherwise, the government will have to be a top-down heavy-handed control mechanism, that will ultimately get in the way of freedom.

Business functions better when individuals put themselves first and are entrepreneurial.  Science and technology is more innovative, when individuals are driven by their own curiosity and lust for knowledge.

In our homes, there is often so much suffering and strife, because individuals aren’t truly themselves, and they are compromising their lives and their beliefs to be with others. Instead, they need to put themselves first, and be themselves, and take care of themselves. When children do not express Relationship Priority #1, they tax their parents, and the entire family!!! When parents do not express Relationship Priority #1, they exhaust themselves in a false-martyrdom, “doing it all for the children”.

Relationship Priority #1 creates a dynamic, strong, and powerful family, because each individual, taking care of him/herself, is empowered, and the family grows in this empowerment exponentially, and can then share the spiritual gift with the community, the nation and the world. 

Putting yourself first is not selfish!  It is SELFish, in the spiritual sense of owning the SOUL you are, and doing the best you can with the gift of your own life!

Relationship Priority is #1 because it IS #1.  

Look at your own life. Where are you not treating yourself kindly? Where are you not fulfilling your true nature and sense of self? 

Time to change!  Time to transform our lives with Life-Centered Values!!


From Value Priorities to Relationship Priorities

From Value Priorities to Relationship Priorities

Spiritual Healthcare for a Stronger America!  That’s what the Six Fix is about.

We’ve spoken about the first most critical aspect of Spiritual Healthcare:  Six Fix Value Priorities. 

However, we must now deal with the second most critical aspect, and in some ways even more critical. 

The Value Priorities of health, peace, freedom, wisdom, full potential and prosperity— are lovely, perhaps idealistic— but, unless they are brought down-to-earth, through real human relationships, they will just float around in the sky.  

It is in our fouled relationships that the Values of a good, healthy, spiritual America fall apart. 

Let’s consider FREEDOM:

Obviously, for example, the freedom of an adult is not the same freedom as a child, let alone a fetus. There is a conflict over freedom because of different KINDS of relationships. This nuancing of freedom is behind a lot of our most difficult debates in the U.S., such as the abortion debate. Is the freedom of a grown woman, who is a citizen, more significant than the freedom of a fetus, not a citizen yet? What does one do, when the fetus is endangering the mother’s freedom? How does one treat the father who is also, bodily, involved in the impregnation? Is this merely a woman’s right?

The Six Fix Value Priority must work together with The Six Fix Relationship Priority.  

Sure, “everyone has a soul”. That’s a fine idea, after all, said differently, everyone has “RIGHTS endowed by the Creator.” However, in our world, in our nation, there are some relationships which MUST get a higher priority than others. Everyone has equal RIGHTS but not all relationships are equal. Do you understand this critical point? Not all equality is equal!! 

We’ll enumerate the six Relationship Priorities in The Six Fix in the next blog.

For now, I’d like to talk about the amazing innovation of human thought called “democracy”.

In the Old World, the individual was not considered the center of the Nation’s conscience, instead, it was the Absolute Monarch, or, it was the Church, which itself had its own Absolute Monarch. Or, sometimes, as in the case of England, the two fused— a pretty lethal situation, which required a Revolution to inject freedom back into an overly-top-heavy, heavy-handed “administration”.

But, the amazing spiritual ADVANCE of the United States of America is that the individual— the individual, like you, me, another– are given priority over government and over religion. We are the center-of-conscience of the nation, the populace, not some potentate.

The direct relationship of the individual to the Mystery of Life, or “The Creator”, or, The Source, or Reality, Existence, whatever your term for it— is the fundamental Relationship Priority in the U.S.

As my inspired student, Physical Coach and Somatics Trainer, Colin Kirts ( describes it, there is a certain “Tyranny of Freedom”. Either we learn some kind of “functional model” to how Freedom operates for the human being, or,  our very approach to freedom will be spiritually defective. We will dis-member ourselves, as a member of the common-body we share as One People.

Relationship Priorities in The Six Fix, above all, are designed as a simple pragmatic way to guide relationships and the implementation of Value Priorities so such a tyranny does not take root.

After all, it is TYRANNY we escaped from, when we broke the tie to King George III, and began the great experiment in American Freedom.

Remember:  in everything you think, say and do, SEEK GOOD, with the CORRECT Value Priorities.

Next week, we’ll discuss the CORRECT Value Priorities.

Spiritual Healthcare is how we’ll make a stronger America.

It begins with individuals— you, me, WE THE PEOPLE!!


blessings to all.




Summarizing Six Fix Value Priorities #1-6

Summarizing Six Fix Value Priorities # 1-6

So far, we’ve outlined, loosely, the Value Priorities in the Six Fix. They are 1. health 2. peace 3. freedom 4. wisdom 5. full potential 6. prosperity

These are Life-Centered Values. Life-Centered. They are not mere opinions. They are not up for debate. I did not design them. You did not choose them. They are “Built into Life”; they are “How Life Works FOR GOOD” i.e. HOW you must think, say and do, in order to seek and find Good.

If you are a secular person, this is an experiential definition. If they work, you will find Good. If you find Good, you will be able to see that you operated in accordance with these 6 values, in their correct order.  Indeed, they are part of the ORDER to how Life works.

If you are a religious person, this is no less an experiential description. But, you may wish to describe “built into Life”, or “How Life Works FOR GOOD”, as “God’s Ways or Laws or Commandment. God’s “Commandment” or God’s “Order”. One language makes is a Personal God. The other makes it an Impersonal Reality. But, we’re talking the same spiritual principles.

It makes no difference how you describe it, either secularly or religiously, and that is especially important in our great nation, which, because of abuses in the past, chose to keep Church power and State power separate.

This does not mean there is no spiritual component to America. America IS spiritual, founded upon the Natural Law theology of the Enlightenment, with some qualifications. It does mean that this is not OWNABLE by religion, nor ownable by the State.  They are “design parameters” built into Reality as we witness it.

The Six Fix teaches a very simple path to SPIRITUAL HEALTHCARE. When you align yourself to the Value Priorities, in their correct order (and later the Relationship Priorities), you function in ALIGNMENT to how Life works, and this alignment produces the SPIRITUAL HEALTH that activates that experience that secular people call “synchronicity”, or “I’m in the flow”, and religious people call God’s “Providence” or “Grace”. Either way, there is a natural, flowing, spontaneous progression of GOOD or God’s presence, as witnessed by an enhanced experience of GOOD in one’s life, which expands centripetally, outward to the world. (We will talk about this centripetal expansion in the next blog, when we deal with Relationship Priorities.)

What distinguishes the values of The Six Fix from other values, is that we do not start with metaphysical propositions like “love your neighbor as oneself”. This is a very virtuous IDEAL, but, pragmatically, how does one do this? Should I love my next door neighbor’s kids more than my own? Should I love those in a foreign country equally to me? There is a practical problem of SCALE.

Instead of generating values from abstract IDEALS, The Six Fix turns the applecart over, and starts from the most basic of human life. After life is there, health comes first, peace comes second. Freedom comes third, because only by free exploration can you learn what you need to create Wisdom, which is fourth. And only with the four Value Priorities above, can you express your full potential, and generate prosperity for yourselves for other, in a way that is not enslavement to a mere economic machine.

Now, in truly enlightened cultures, which have been living in alignment to these Value Priorities for some time, Wisdom can go before Freedom, and indeed, one would never think of expressing Freedom without wondering about its Wisdom, i.e. consequences of actions. But for now, in our early stage of spiritual development in America, and in keeping with its culture-of-freedom, we’ve kept freedom before wisdom.

The lack of Life-Centered Priorities— Life, as in the health, and integrity of the human body, and by extension, all others, and all Life— is why America is having difficulties. We are not basing our values upon Life, something which is mysterious and comes from God or a Mystery beyond us.

Instead we are basing our values upon our desires, our wants, and our beliefs. This is what has degenerated into the “opinionocracy” that we are suffering from.

The Six Fix Life-Centered Value Priorities, and their implementation in your personal life, family life, community, nation and the world–  aligning yourself to How Life Works for Good, is the beginning of spiritual health and a Stronger America.

For those of you who are religious, and Bible-based (like me), “alignment” is the Latin word used to translate the Hebrew word for “covenant”. We are not talking pagan spirituality here. Just a footnote, in case you are wondering. This is healthy, good basic, spirituality common to all human beings!  

Practice The Six Fix Value Priorities in your Life, and WATCH HOW GOOD FLOWS INTO YOUR LIFE.

I mean that!  As you align yourselves to these values, these values align themselves to you. Your activities become, in a sense, “sacramental”, and energize the spiritual Life of all Americans, and indeed, all nations, and all Life in our world.

You can only start on this experiment, and see for yourself. The word “experiment” comes form the same root word as “experience”. Take the Six Fix Challenge! 

Thanks for blogging in!!! Let’s Six Fix America. 

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Prosperity of All Kinds

Prosperity of All Kinds

In everything you think, say and do, seek PROSPERITY. 

We are now going to deal with The Six Fix Value Priority #6, PROSPERITY. 

If we are going to create spiritual health in America, which will produce TRUE Spiritual Strength, Prosperity had to come last— LAST.  This does not deny the critical importance of prosperity;’  it only puts it in perspective, after Value Priority #1, health;  #2, peace; #3 freedom;  #4 wisdom.;  #5 full potential. Many a life has been wrecked by putting the other value priorities after prosperity. Remember, in a spiritual reality like ours, “what you sow, is what you reap”. You will experience the sowing and reaping of your faulty values, to teach and correct you. You will experience also the reaping of your correct values, for your delight and reward.

Spiritually, we must always put the values that are “from God” over the values that are merely “material”, if you like traditional religious terminology. But, this can be very confusing. 

Prosperity includes the material earth, and every material thing on it, including the air we breathe, the water we drink (and bathe in), and the plants and animals, without which we could not survive— it’s not just about money.  But, money confuses us, because we’ve grown so dependent upon it, and the economic machine which helps keep it pumping.

Spiritual healthcare means LINKING our prosperity that has to do with Creation– our earth— with prosperity that has to do with human hands and our industries. We don’t have just “nature” on earth. We don’t just have “money” in the bank. We have nature on earth, beautiful, bountiful, and we have human beings sowing and reaping their enterprises, with bountiful supplies of monies to distribute to everyone.

Prosperity also includes education, which, BTW, is obviously necessary to fulfill Value Priority #5– one’s full potential. Prosperity also includes culture, the arts, sports, science, music and all the creative ventures that delight the hearts and culture the minds of human being.

Prosperity of ALL KINDS is what The SIX FIX teaches to achieve spiritual healthcare. Not just one kind of prosperity tilted exclusively to corporations and the accumulation of wealth. This kind of wealth is wonderful, magical— and money is truly one of the fastest tools for spiritual development (if used correctly.)

But, The Six Fix is even “greedier”. We want all kinds of prosperity. Whatever is GOOD, we WANT it— with the correct Value Priorities, so it enhances Life.

In everything you think, say, and do, seek PROSPERITY of ALL KINDS!!!!  In their right and correct priorities. These priorities are actually boundaries, built into the design of Creation. Ignore them, at your own peril!  You might wind up accumulating a lot of money, only to spend it in a hospital, because you put #6 before #1. 

Spiritual health is #1 before #6, actually 1,2,3,4,5 before 6. REMEMBER IT!!!!  Or, you will weaken our country, rather than make it stronger!!

Thanks for reading this. Please reach out!! 


The Fullest Potential

The Fullest Potential

America cannot be stronger if we do not express our fullest potential, in everything we think, say and do. Our fullest potential!!  This is Value Priority #5 in the Six Fix.

Now, it is not unusual, at all, to find our country touting the importance of expressing our fullest potential in the area of money— making and garnering the most money possible. Nor, is it unusual, at all, to find our country touting the importance of expressing our fullest potential in the area of scientific and technological, or military development.

But, aside from these areas, America stays spiritually unhealthy. Why? First, and foremost, America has distorted the Six Fix Priority of Values, and failed to organize our nation upon Life-Centered Values, health, peace and freedom, the first three prior to FULLNESS of POTENTIAL, and upon which Fullness of Potential is based.

For America to become spiritually healthy we must have the correct Life-Centered priorities, and then, based upon this, express the full potential in everything. Everything! 

We must express our full potential in education. In the quality of families and our home life. In the imagination and vibrancy of our children. We must express our full potential in the arts, and in music. We must express our full potential in the quality of food, and a healthy life-embracing lifestyle. We must express our full potential in the redemptive power of our religions and sacred philosophies.

There is a full potential which is implanted in each of us. Religious people might call that God’s Spirit, or, perhaps our “soul”.  In a country like ours which is dedicated to the freedom of individuality, to express and expand and embrace all Life, the expression of each and every person’s full potential is a national priority.

A stronger America is like a chain forged of individual human beings. When each individual human being is not expressing his/her full potential, then, the chain has a weak link, and will not bind us together, as one nation.

I am writing this book, The Six Fix, to place the Value Priorities and Relationship Priorities (the two aspects of Life-Centered Priorities), as the spiritual foundation to rebuilding a stronger America. These are the fundamental values upon which our nation was founded, though, because of history, some of the more subtle aspects of the Natural Law that the Enlightenment Philosophers based their democratic vision upon, have been lost. The Six Fix strives to reframe these, for our particular place in history.

This is a new era. Spiritual healthcare— which is way beyond Church State issues— is the answer. We must have America on a strong spiritual foundation, and then, the soil will be there for the expression of the fullest potential, not just of each and every individual, but, also, the fullest potential for democratic representational government, which, although it is a only in existence for mere 200 years or so, carries the Torch of Possibility for all humankind.

Can we be true to ourselves, as a world leader, and not express our fullest potential?  Do you see what would be lost, if we don’t make the expression of full potential, in everything we think, say and do, our national agenda?

In everything you think say do, seek GOOD. Seek the expression of Value Priority # 5, your fullest potential!!!!

Bring it into your personal life. Bring it into your family life, and in your community. Expressing our fullest potential is the very nature of spiritual health. 

That’s true American STRENGTH.


Value Priority #4: Wisdom

Value Priority #4: Wisdom

In the Six Fix list of Value Priorities there is 1) health, 2) peace, 3) freedom. But the fourth Value Priority is a real deal-breaker if we would like to make America stronger.

Without it, there can be no chance of spiritual health, and this will cause us to un-align to “The Way Life works FOR GOOD”, the ORDER we live in. That lack of alignment, in traditional religious terms, will weaken our “Providential Shield”, the hallmark of a healthy spiritual nation. Alignment to “The Way Life Works FOR GOOD” (God, if you don’t mind the word), is the source of our Strength. Picture it as a river of Goodness, and we can either swim with the current or against it. 

In order to swim with the Goodness of Life, we need the  fourth Value Priority is WISDOM.

It is very sad right now that our country has become an “opinionocracy”. That is one of the negative aspects of representational democracy. We value individuals. Each individual has rights. Each individual expresses an opinion. Then government begins to average these opinions in the legislature.

If the opinion is idiotic, the government will average them, and sometimes creates an opinion that is more idiotic. However, if the opinion has wisdom, the government as a spiritually golden opportunity:  to average the wisdom, and make a governmental decision that has even more wisdom. 

Wisdom, sadly, is not something easy to find. We do not elect leaders for their wisdom. We elect leaders for their opinions, and mostly, their ability to convince us of their opinions, because they pander to our worries and concerns, and promise us some kind of safety.

To not choose leaders who have wisdom is very dangerous. To choose, for example, Supreme Court judges on the bases of party-affiliation or ideological affiliation alone, is very dangerous.

There are three components to wisdom. The first is balance. There can be many wise opinions, each of which slightly, or greatly, differs from each other. Each opinion may have some Truth to it. If one does not have balance, then, we can be pulled too much to one side on an argument, and miss the wisdom of the other side.

For example, in regard to our welfare system, while it is important to make sure people have some money to eat and to shelter themselves, especially during hard times, it is equally important to incentivize them to have faith in life, and take advantage of the entrepreneurial freedom of America. If we tip the wisdom too much in one direction we get imbalance.

As you can see, wisdom has another component: Truth. Truth!!!!  Can we do an honest, un-self-interested appraisal of all the dynamics in any question, to ascertain all the many components (often complicated), in any one issue? Can we look deeply at an issue? Not just see it as a cartoon?

For example, while it is true that a fetus is a living soul, and to wantonly take its life is questionable, it is ALSO true that a mother with a defective fetus, which is threatening her life, is ALSO a soul. These two soul-Truths need to be looked at, with balance, and with an eye for determining a MORE COMPLETE Truth!!  

In order to accomplish a balance-in-Truth, we need the third component of wisdom:  CARE.  One must care about the discussion. One must CARE about both aspects of the discussion, as in the example of abortion above. One must seriously try to CARE even about an opinion with which you might disagree.

Yes, you should even care about your enemy’s opinion!  This is basic spiritual truth, and this makes us stronger, and more united! (This is not a justification for evil.)

Only when you care enough to give credence to the VALUE of another person’s viewpoint, no matter how “out there” it can be— can each person’s opinion strengthen the other person’s opinion. This is how the adversarial system of debate in America’s system creates a thriving, vital and WISDOM-BASED government.

You can have all the opinions you want in America. But what we need is to learn HOW to harmonize them with Care, Truth, and Balance— WISDOM.

Wisdom is the answer to our spiritually-sick “opinionocracy” from which we are suffering. In everything you think, say and do, seek GOODNESS, with WISDOM!

Let me hear from you. I’d like to talk more about this.

Thanks for considering The Six Fix! 



Freedom can be Slavery

Freedom can be Slavery

In the Six Fix Priority of Values, after Health and Peace, Value Priority #3 is Freedom. 

It is only freedom— the ability to freely seek and find, experiment and learn— that can empower a spiritually-healthy America. Whenever, in the past, any civilization has tried to squelch freedom, it undermines individuality and eventually the “oyster bed” of all innovation and evolution (We’ll handle this serious word, later on.) 

However, let us look intelligently at “freedom”. America is spiritually unhealthy because we have over-generalized “freedom” out of context. If you look at the Constitution you will see a very loose reference to “common good”. Our freedom comes first. Government comes second. But, there is only a vague, undefined kind of “common good”.

Minimally, our freedoms must be executed in a way that permits the “common good”, or, government steps in.

However, this implies something very important and critical, from a spiritual (and REALITY BASED, not a fantasy) religion. There is no freedom that can be exercised without paying close attention to the way Life actually works!!!! The inalienable rights of 12 year old are not the same as 40 year old, let alone a fetus. There is a world here, and it has built in RULES!!!  

You cannot just take “freedom” or any principle, and exalt it as an absolute, because it doesn’t work. Freedom has context.

The issue is WHAT CONTEXT?  It is not that we are not free enough to explode the entire earth and incinerate it. We CAN do that. We have that ability. Ostensibly, GOD gave us this ability. But, HOW should we exercise our freedom? Or, is our freedom absolute? Without responsibility?

If we do not exercise our freedom CORRECTLY (from the Latin, co-regire, “govern together”, our freedom will become self-destructive enslavement. We will use our freedom to bolster the opinions of political parties, religions, or any self-serving group of people, and lose the very critical importance of freedom. We will become enslaved to opinion. Not a democracy. An opinionocracy.

Freedom must stay free, but, that does not mean, it is ABSOLUTE and has no relationship to other people, and the entire world we live in. This is the error of both parties, all religions, and human beings, in general. It is adolescent!

Be very careful exercising the spiritual gift of Freedom. It is the fastest route to spiritual unhealth, and the loss of power in the U.S.  Learning to exercise our freedom correctly— first, valuing health, secondly, valuing peace– is what The Six Fix teaches.  

If our freedom does not include health and peace, then, it is NOT FREE. Correct expression of freedom will make America spiritually healthy and stronger.  In everything you think, do and say, seek FREEDOM!!! (Correctly). I hope the Six Fix will help!!! I believe it can.